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Jun. 11th, 2013 | 02:24 pm
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mood: silly silly
music: 上からマリコ - AKB48

Not sure why i decided to check in today.
It's been a few days since we find out this during the AKB48 General Election
first time i'm willing to talk about it.
NO it's not that sasshi got 1st place.
yes she had a scandle, but my point of view is that that boyfriend that suddenly came forward with the information was a asshole.
seriously, wtf dude....

My issue is with another member, not really a issue...
Shinoda Mariko-368038
Shinoda Mariko
the member that made me cry during the election results.

Ranked #5 came up on stage
and announced she was graduating next month.
Now i don't think she's going to be in the next single
(i hope she is but with her graduating next month i don't know)
here are some videos..

atleast mariko got to be center once, and she was damn good at it,

best i could find that didn't mess with the song.

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Jun. 17th, 2012 | 08:50 pm
mood: tired tired

WOW, i just checked on the main page of this livejournal
The last time i posted anything was, back on 10/13/2010, Dang, i was 19 then.

i turned 21 on 11/01/11 just btw.

I've been working alot for the past 9 months.
40 hour a week job keeps me extra busy.
I try to keep up on the dubbing
i want to keep up
but i've also had major computer issues
cost me over $200 to get fixed.
mainly keyboard issues.

i hope i post more.
even if no one reads
it helps me out.

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Writer's Block: Good eats

Oct. 13th, 2010 | 12:18 am
mood: complacent complacent

What are your three most and least favorite foods?

1. lychee
2. Potatos!!!!!!
3. Tuna salad

1. Coconut (not the flavor the constency) *i can't spell
2. Durian
3. Cottage cheese

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Sooooo Tired

Aug. 14th, 2010 | 08:51 am
mood: tired tired

I'm just so tired this morning. The AC still isn't working but at least we're getting a good breeze from the window.
It's cool.
Keeps it down to about 80 degrees, though we're probably going to have to shut it soon.
The sun is coming up, and the outside is warming up.
So yeah.
^_^ Hope that the AC gets to working.

Also i'm kinda working on 2 hours of sleep right now.
went to sleep at 2, and then my brother and Dad had a talk and woke me up (thank you)
and I couldn't, and still can't get back to sleep. So I'm watching some reviews on/from Thatguywithglasses.com
Right now it's Pagemaster, I kinda remember this movie. Just kinda.
0-0, this guy is creepy! Seriously, get to the 4 minute mark.
Watch it, and wonder (if you liked it) why you liked it.

Anyway, I'm hoping to do some dubs too. Maybe when my throat isn't so dry, and tired.

Also I'm going to LARP later tonight (7 to 11:30pm)

Will have pictures!
Reyna will be there too!



在り差 ゴルド

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Aug. 13th, 2010 | 10:40 pm
mood: giddy giddy
music: Robokiss - W


Yes, it's summer, and I'm bored!

The AC broke yesterday and i'm overheating.  It's just too warm right now
it was 109 today.
Absolutly horrible.

But i was out in that stuff.
Dry Heat and stuff.
Trying to find a fancy Anime Fabric.
Only 1 store that carried the persons patterns moved
Other closed, who know's how long ago
The other didn't have the pattern.
So My mother is going to get some off the site.
$10 dollars a yard.
Not to bad for how awesome the fabric is (sorry no picture)

Also I have twitter!


So that's updated more then this!

Keep up to date there.

Also i plan on blogger more now.


Arisa Gold

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I'ma in a group dub

Aug. 12th, 2010 | 07:46 pm
mood: While clinton plays the sax! While clinton plays the sax!
music: Animanicas theme

Welcome to meeting us, KIMAGURE TWILIGHT (気まぐれトワイライト)

Our 1st single, is Yume Miru 15sai (夢見る15歳)

I hope that you enjoy it!

In order it's

Asuka - Me - Reyna - Me


I love you all
愛してる! 我爱你!
Have a good life!

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Writer's Block: Let the Music Play

Jul. 13th, 2010 | 03:39 pm
mood: 夏ーじゃん 夏ーじゃん
music: 本気ボンバー!! - Berryz工房

How can the right music make a party better? What music do you usually put on to get the party started?

Berryz Koubou
especially the new Rock stuff that they are putting out, it is just awesome!

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Writer's Block: The tenth time's the charm

Jul. 3rd, 2010 | 12:05 am
mood: tired tired

What movie have you seen the most times in your life? How many times have you seen it? Will you ever grow tired of it?

Twilight and Resident Evil: Apocalypse, though i think Apocalypse wins by about 13 maybe 14 times.

about 20 some times.

Yes, i have, there are so many things wrong in it.

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Jun. 13th, 2010 | 10:48 am

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In the Age of Smiles Ch.1

Jun. 12th, 2010 | 01:07 am
mood: energetic energetic
music: 夢見る15歳ースマイレージ

In The Age Of Smiles
(a Arisa & Kanon Fukuda family story)
starring S/mileage, Kimagure Twilight & Platinum Eclipse

Chapter 1

"Hello, Ari? I have to go and record the dance okay? Just wanted to check in, so I’m good okay. Laterz!”
                    "Have a nice day, Kanon"
Arisa hung up the phone, and thought about the phone call she had just had. –Why did Kanon have to call during a meeting, maybe Ayaka told her about it. Momo shares everything with her sister about the group that we’re forming. Just hope she hasn’t been sharing the fact that we’re going to cover their debut single! - Giggling about it a bit, Ari headed back to her room.

                 “So, who was that, little Aibon?” Momo Wada said she always picked on the fact that Kanon looked so much like the young Kago Ai.

                           “It was, but she won’t end up screwed up because I’m not going to let her ruin her career with smoking” Arisa said, glaring angrily about Ai. She was such a fan of Kago Ai, until she started smoking and making half naked photobooks. Everyone nodded to that, they knew how she felt about the New Kago Ai.
“But think of the positive, she sings mostly in English now a days”

          Thinking about that for a second, Arisa nodded, and she still did like Ai’s singing, so there was a positive in the story. Shaking her head suddenly, Arisa knocked her self back on topic, this was a meeting of their group, not a debate on whither or no Aibon was still worth anything.
                            “Anyway, back on topic, what about our first single?” Arisa said looking at the other members, none of them seem to be all that enthused.
“How about the fact that our first single, is a cover of our sisters debut single?”

“It’s a good song”
“But wouldn’t it seem cheap in a way?”
“Do you not see it?”
“I do, kind of. Older sisters of S/mileage members, to cover debut single”
“ It’s yume miru 15”
“I’m 21 and the rest of you are 19”
“Could you 2 please stop arguing, it’s giving me a headache. Also it doesn’t matter if we’re older. The point is to prove that we can sing. That’s it!”
“Good point”
Getting back on topic they began to discuss their first single’s b-side and release date. Which was decided to be July 28th, and Otona Ni Narutte Muzukashii!
<a few hours later, with practice and just a little recording>
      “When we release the single, should we have an event?” At Hana’s words, everyone just stared. Have an event, for their cover of their sister’s first single?
      “Maybe if it was just family and friends. I just wonder, what would your guys sisters think?” Reyna made a good point there, the family might be interested in seeing the older girls sing something, but Kanon and Ayaka? How would they react, and if all of S/mileage came. Arisa just couldn’t comprehend that thought, and it was pretty obvious as she began to go stiff.
“Oh sorry, just got a bit nervous”
“S/mileage seeing us singing their song”

Looking at each other they all started to get just a bit nervous.

“Don’t worry, I bet you guys could do it!”

Turning towards the door, everyone froze

                    “Kanon, what are you doing home?” Arisa said, with her eyes getting extremely wide.

                        “It’s almost 10pm, where else do you expect me to be?” looking down at their watches, the other members of KT noticed that she was right, and they had to get home. So saying their “later” and “goodbyes” they left Arisa and Kanon in the house together.
“also mom wanted me to get you for dinner”

“oh” she said following her sisters down the steps towards the dining area

“Kanon” she said getting her sisters attention, they stopped for a second, waiting.
“are you sure about that?”

“about you guys covering our debut single, sure! Just don’t forget to say that we inspired you!”
Kanon loved to just tease her sister.

“Sure, won’t forget”
Arisa said with a smile, glad that her sister supported her.

That made everything just a bit easier.

(YAY, first chapter Done, i know it's short but i was working on it as much as i could. Please tell me what you think!)

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